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Wayfarer Records is an independent record label based in Olympia WA, USA that specializes in electronic and ambient music genres. The label was founded by musician and producer Dave Luxton in 2007. The mission of Wayfarer Records is to forge a community of innovative sonic artists from around the world.

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Leo lyd Norway

Leo Lyd is a small mixing facility in Harstad, Norway, managed by Øyvind Lind.
The facility is based around Avid Pro Tools and Apple Logic.
Monitoring via Phonic and Yamaha speakers. Mixing is done "in the box" with primarily Waves and IK Multimedia products as well as Avid products. Pre amps from Mackie.

Øyvind Lind is credited for doing songwriting and productions, but focuses mostly on mixing.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/lindoyvind

Website: www.leolyd.no