Andrew Schoen

Growing up with parents who were both classical trained musicians, Andrew Schoen learned to appreciate all types of music at an early age. After being exposed to some early electronic music, such as Switched on Bach and Tomita, Andrew became fascinated with electronic music. Buying his first synthesizer in 1981 and moving through the progression of music technology ever since, Andrew has developed a sound that is a mix of acoustic and electronic instrumentation that has been used in film, television and other creative performing arts! Deceptively simplistic melodies and rhythmic textures are the mainstay for his musical journey.

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Boreal Taiga

Boreal Taiga was formed by ambient musician JimDe more than a decade ago. Originally from the Seattle, Washington area, JimDe has explored Northern Alaska and North Western Canada and now resides in Norway, 350 miles above the Arctic Circle. He has 20 years of experience in electronic music production and he masterfully uses samplers, binaural field recordings, and synthesizers in his sonic creations. With Boreal Taiga, JimDe creates beautiful, lush ambient electronic atmospheres that are influenced by the Northern Hemisphere and Arctic environments.

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Daren Keck

Daren Keck fell in love with music composition at the age of 11 after he discovered a midi sequencer on the family computer. He has been creating music and pushing the boundaries of audio production techniques ever since. He has a degree in Digital and Experimental Arts from the University of Washington, where he also studied music theory, music history, and digital audio. Daren’s music explores intriguing beats, simple compact melodies, and unique chord progressions. The results tend to be cinematic in nature, with a mix of electronic elements thrown in for good measure.

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Dave Luxton

Dave Luxton is an electronic musician, film composer, sound designer, and music producer. He founded the Wayfarer Records label in 2007, and has released fourteen of his own albums through the label to date. His albums and various remixes have received radio airplay across the US and beyond. His filmscore work has appeared in films at national film festivals and on PBS television.

Dave is a classically trained musician whose diverse musical creations span multiple genres to include guitar oriented compositions, cinematic dronescapes, Alternative Rock, and Electronica. His artistic vision is to produce innovative music that captures music’s power to evoke emotion and communicate the human experience.

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EchoHALO is a band founded by Dave Luxton in 2008. The band features the soulful voice and hypnotic lyrics of Tresza. EchoHALO draws from ambient, electronica, synth pop, industrial, and alternative rock roots. Although “old school” elements of these styles of music are evident in EchoHalo’s music, the band aims to create something novel that is both stimulating and impactful. EchoHALO released their debut self-entitled album on Wayfarer in 2009.

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Simon Larkin, a.k.a. ensa, was born in Glasgow Scotland where he began his musical journey with classical guitar lessons at the age of 7. At age 21, he moved to the bright lights of London where he found success playing bass guitar in various rock bands and as a session musician for several well known production companies and recording studios in and around Southern England. Now living in Southern Sweden, the latest stage of Simon's musical journey finds him embracing modern technology to make electronic soundscapes that combine catchy beats and moody synth pads. His intelligent compositions will take you on an emotional journey and make you dream.

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