I provide original music composition and sound design services for film, video, radio and television production as well as for web-based media and software applications (i.e. video games, apps, etc). My goal is to enhance and support visual media by creating original and unique music and soundscapes. I can score to rough edit scenes and can assist in audio editing, sweetening, and mastering. I also have a large selection of pre-recorded original music and library of sound effects.

My production studio is built with the latest technology, allowing me to record at all bit and sampling rates, accommodate all audio formats, and deliver audio files in just about any format you can think of. Click HERE to learn more about my studio.

I offer various music packages and licensing options to fit your budget and I am always happy to hear from the aspiring amateur or the seasoned professional film maker!

Email: dave "at" daveluxton "dot" com


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Snakes in the Garden Podcast (Intro part)

Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis Radio Show (Intro part)

MaxImpact TBI Assistant App

The Statement of Randolph Carter (DevinshireJamestown) Film Short

BioZen App (Android platform)

The Apology Dance (DevinshireJamestown/Jason P. Hunt, 2010)

Straight No Chaser (DevinshireJamestown/Jason P. Hunt, 2009) Film Short

Heart of Antarctica (La Sonrisa Productions) Documentary/Educational

Texas Menace (Break-a-Leg Productions -- Austin, 2003) Film Short

Bloody Mary (Break-a-Leg Productions -- Austin) Film Short

All the Time (AllSet Productions) Film Short


My production studio is nestled among tall evergreens and in walking distance from the Puget Sound. My studio provides me with a perfect tranquil setting for composing and recording music.

My digital audio workstations are PC based (Intel processor PCs with multiple SATA drives). I primarily use Steinberg Cubase 5, Sony Vegas, and Sound Forge. I have a selection of analog, tube, and digital compressors, and several quality condenser and cardioid dynamic mics made by RODE, Shure, and E/V. Acoustic treatment is made by GIK Acoustics. I use Mogami cables throughout.

For instruments I have racks of MIDI controlled analog/digital synths by Alesis, EMU, Ensoniq, Kawai, Korg, and Roland as well as a few vintage synth keyboards in the studio. I primarily use M-Audio Axiom keyboard MIDI controllers. I also have an extensive set of high-end virtual softsynths and effects plug-ins as well as a very large library of digital audio samples. Below are some photos of my studio gear.


Dave Luxton keyboards

Made in Italy Roland PC-200mkII MIDI keyboard that I've owned since 1994. The other keyboard is an Ensoniq SD-1 made in the USA. I also use m-Audio Axiom keyboard controllers.

Dave Luxton MIDI controllers

Studio shot showing Steinberg Cubase and an M-Audio Axiom 61 keyboard controller.

Dave Luxton studio rack gear

ART Tube pre-amp/compressor, effects, etc.

Dave Luxton's synthesizers

Rack of synths, effects, and power amp, etc. Hardware synths include E-Mu Proteus 1, 2 and 2000, Roland SC-880, JV-2080 with expansion modules, Korg Wavestation SR, Korg MS2000BR, Kawai K1r, Alesis Micron, and an Ensoniq SD-1.

Roland Boutique Series JU-06 (recreation of the original Juno 106). I also own a Roland D05, a recreation of the legendary D-50 linear synthesizer.

Made in USA Mackie SR24-4.

Assortment of amps in the studio: Peavey Classic 30 (w/ Celestion Vintage 30 speaker), Marshall TSL 60 Combo, Marshall AS50R, and Marshall TSL 60 Head w/vintage reissue 1960ax cab w/reissue celestion Greenbacks installed.

I have a great collection of electric and acoustic guitars in the studio to cover all styles of music.

This is my custom built effects pedal board. The Dunlop Wah pedal also includes a volume pedal and boost circuit. I use George L cables, which have solid wire cores). I have a collection of other distortion pedals that I occasionally use, such as this 1980s Rat (for that Jeff Beckian fuzz tone). Still have a Boss GT-3 from 2001.

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