Dave Luxton is America’s premier creator of Space Ambient music. His mission is to make transcendent music from the inner and outer worlds. He’s the founder of the Pacific Northwest-based Wayfarer Records label and is an experienced producer and sound designer. As a classically trained multi-instrumentalist composer, his film scores cover the gamut of musical styles.


1/20/2023 - Music From The Firmament II is released! Read more...

11/25/2022 - New single, Despedida (Space Ambient Mix) released. Read more...

10/23/2022 - Dave launches new music production workshop series. Read more...

10/7/2022 - Stellafane Skies, Dave's new studio album, is released. Read more...

7/28/2022 - Ghost of a Small Child remix featured on Echoes syndicated radio show. Read more...

5/3/2022 - Dave's new remix album of his ambient music, Cosmic Remixes, spanning from 2008's Hidden Music to 2021's Dream Sequence, will be available on May 6, 2022. Read more...



2/28/2023 - Dave to speak at the Third Annual Existential Threats Conference at Stanford University this April. Read more...

10/20/2022 - Dave provides workshop for University of New Mexico psychologists. Read more...

06/15/2022 - Dave discusses the emergence of sentient AI on the SciFi4Me - Live From the Bunker Podcast.

11/17/2021 - Dave talks about AI and his new books on the SciFi4Me - Live From the Bunker Podcast.

7/18/2021 - Dave talks about Ambient Spacemusic and his new book, The Goldilocks Zone on the West of the Rockies Radio Show




Dave Luxton : Music From The Firmament II

Release date January 20, 2023

Label: Wayfarer Records

Track Listing:

1. Ascendant Sign
2. Free Fall
3. Crop Circle
4. Millions of Possibilities
5. Palomar
6. Shepherd Moons (Mimas Mix)
7. Into The Cosmic Void
8. Two Planets
9. Earthshine
10. Upon The Deep
11. End of Entropy

Dave Luxton : Stellafane Skies

Release date October 7, 2022

Label: Wayfarer Records

Track Listing:

1. Lost Comet
2. Auriga
3. Stellafane
4. Serpens Tail
5. Earthshine
6. Sidereal Time
7. Eye of God
8. Averted Vision
9. Astrobot
10. Occultation

Dave Luxton : Cosmic Remixes

Release date May 6, 2022

Label: Wayfarer Records

Track Listing:

1. Broken Crystal (Andrew Schoen Remix)
2. Return to a Distant Star (Boreal Taiga Remix)
3. Dave Luxton & Jason Blake - Ghost of a Small Child II (One Final Encounter) [Jason Blake Remix]
4. Millions of Possibilities (Simon Larkin Remix)
5. Coriolis (Daren Keck Remix)
6. Zero-Point (One, the Taylorized Mix) [Eric The Taylor Remix]
7. Cradle of Stars (Rebirth Remix)
8. Time's Arrow (Øyvind Lind Remix)
9. Decode (Recoded) [Halo Effect Remix]
10. Beneath the Surface (Deeper Remix)
11. Glacier (Warmed-up Remix)
12. Imaginary Borders (Ian Crawford Remix)

Dave Luxton : Dream Sequence

Release date August 31, 2021

Label: Wayfarer Records

Track Listing:

1. Frozen Star
2. The Long Way
3. Ascendant Sign
4. Zero-Point
5. Nuit
6. Inertial Vector
7. In Your Mind
8. Blue Phoenix
9. Somewhere out There
10. Remainders of a Dream


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