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Boreal Taiga's new studio album, Nunavut: Arctic Drone Sessions will be available on December 7, 2021! Nunavut was recorded at Shaman Studios, Seattle, produced and written by JimD, and mastered by Dave Luxton at Wayfarer Records

Nunavut: Arctic Drone Sessions Track Listing:

  • 1. Sverdrup Basin
  • 2. Ellef Ringnes Island
  • 3. Haughton Crater
  • 4. Alert Ellesmere Island
  • 5. Arctic Cordillera
  • 6. Kugaaruk Echoes
  • 7. Meighen Island
  • 8. Boothia Peninsula
  • 9. Devon Ice Cap MOE


- Chicago-based Warr guitarist JASON BLAKE is set to release the album, The Perfect Fallacy, this Friday, November 19th. The album’s details including cover art and track listing have been issued.

Jason Blake plays the Warr Guitar, a twelve-string instrument incorporating the range of a guitar and bass. It is played by tapping the strings, a technique known as touchstyle guitar.

The Perfect Fallacy features nine songs that work as the soundtrack to a reoccurring dream. Blake explained of the album, “After recording, The Darkness Found in Shadows, I had this idea to further explore this sound, but make it a bit 'louder'. As a concept, I had this idea floating around for a long time based on a dream that comes to me every once in a while. I decided to compose the 'soundtrack' to this dream.” The Perfect Fallacy was mixed and mastered at Transient Sound by Tyler Rice. Artwork and design was handled by Hajo Müller.

The Perfect Fallacy Track Listing:

  • 1. Necessary Bait
  • 2. Uncertain Numbness
  • 3. Suspended Motion
  • 4. Eyes Above
  • 5. Blank Awareness
  • 6. Unheard and Unnoticed
  • 7. A Spectral Embrace
  • 8. Awakened by Repetition
  • 9. Inroads


- Dave Luxton will release his 15th studio album, Dream Sequence, on August 31st, 2021. The album's ten all new studio tracks feature a combination of digital and analog sysths along with classic Dave Luxton eBow guitar textures. The album will be available via all download and streaming services, and in limited run compact disc.


- Dave Luxton performed at the Event Horizon Concert Series at the University of Pennslyvania campus on Saturday June 2, 2018.


Boreal Taiga to participate in Golden Record: Sounds of Earth Immersive Multimedia Event in Seattle beginning on February 27th. "GOLDEN RECORD: The Sounds Of Earth" is a vivid, interactive, cutting-edge foray into the world of human expression - immediate, multifaceted sample of our own civilization. Collective as much as individual, it's a message in a bottle shot into the depths of space, carrying our identity: culture, expression, accomplishments and aspirations. Within and without us. By us and for us. And beyond.


Wayfarer Records artist Dave Luxton has contributed a new track for Star's END Solstice Special.


Dave Luxton has announced a Fall concert mini-tour: 10/25/2015 - Soundscapes Concert Series, Nazareth PA. 10/24/2015 - STAR'S END - Philadelphia 10/23/2015 - Event Horizons Concert Series - University of Penn 10/23/2015 - Music With Space/ 103.3 FM, 12:00pm EST (Stream on the web at WPRB)


Boreal Taiga to perform at the Imagine Festival on Orcas Island. Other artists include Kaya Project, Bluetech and more